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Beyond the usual

Strategy - brand - employee engagement - strategic mindfulness - coaching

Athena Associates is a business- and brand strategy consultancy. We focus on developing innovative strategies and compelling brands and implementing them through employee engagement. 

Strategy is the roadmap for your organisation, and the brand is the DNA, its character and culture. Together, they are the compass for everyone, on a day-to-day basis and in the long run. So, it is vital to inform, engage and motivate people about why they do what they need to do.

What makes us unique is the utilisation of strategic mindfulness in our approach (if desired by the client). By increasing awareness of the internal and external environments, we enable organisations to have a broader and more diverse range of strategic opportunities.

Athena Associates is part of The Athena Group AG, a Switzerland-based and internationally active organisation. Our vision is to create a global, cross-cultural movement of people and organisations, encouraging them to find and realise their full potential beyond financial goals to make the best possible contribution to society.

Overview of our offer

The success of your organisation depends on how well-aligned strategy, brand and roll-out are.
With Athena Associates, you get it all from one partner, rather than a mix of solutions from a portfolio of specialists.
We have an in-depth understanding of what works in the corporate world, and a broad consultancy expertise across a wide range of industries and situations.


Where to go


The DNA of an organisation

Leadership, Engagement, Internal Communication

Making it work


Clear mind, better decisions

Coaching and Training

For organisations and individuals, in groups and 1-to-1, bespoke and off-the-shelf

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