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"The 1-page business plan"

For small and medium-sized enterprises

Become less dependent on that 1 person at the top (you!)  


Fast, fuss-free and affordable strategy consulting

You are planning your next big step
  • more spare time to finally enjoy the success

  • reducing your operational, day-to-day involvement

  • focus on the strategic side, expansion, new markets

  • a new start-up; it was much more fun than this grown-up

  • cashing-in on the success and selling the business


The obstacles
  1. You are too deep in the day-to-day and strategic decisions. The business is not ready to function without you.

  2. The business = you. Without you, it loses a lot of value.  And that is not attractive for potential investors. 


What you and your business need
  1. Your team needs a foundation to function independently of you. The 1-page business plan is their base for strategic and day-to-day decisions.

  2. A new owner wants the confidence that the business will continue without you. The 1-page business plan ensures a smooth transition.

At Athena Associates, we help you to:
  • Define a clear course for the organisation: 5-year objective, strategies and quarterly actions, including progress dashboard.

  • Engage your team to implement the 1-page business plan, cascading it across levels and functions. 

Whether you choose to reduce your involvement, step back entirely or sell your business:

This is top-level consultancy reimagined for smaller companies with smaller budgets.
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