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Coaching and Training

For organisations and individuals, in groups and 1-to-1, bespoke and off the shelf

All (leadership) coaching and training is provided by The Athena Academy.
In addition, the Athena Academy offers knowledge-sharing services such as lectures, article publication, papers and books, and we host a platform for guest contributors.

Read more below about what we can do for you regarding coaching, or click the button to go to the Athena Academy.



We have gained our experience in consulting and international corporate environments in the IT, insurance, finance, and oil and gas industries, including over ten years at Shell.

A variety of people, leadership styles and character traits have strengthened our people skills experience over the years. 

A key part of our job was to train and then coach the leadership teams and managers in the areas of leadership communication and employee retention. This included helping them find the right balance between authority and respectability, authenticity and "being liked." The mindfulness-based strengths of some of the leaders Mariska worked with sparked our interest in this topic. We have gradually and successfully incorporated the principles of mindfulness into the way we coach, work and live.


Our approach: Only authenticity stands the test of time. We therefore start with the strengths that already exist but have perhaps not yet been consciously discovered.

We will look with you for situations in your life where you have already shown the desired behaviour. Then, using mindfulness, we will help you become aware of why you were able to exhibit this behaviour the way you did and find out what barriers prevent you from doing so in other situations. This is often because people confuse their thoughts about what others are thinking with facts and/or believe they are their thoughts.

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