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A: You can start the OGSM process at any time during the year. Availability of participants is what ususally determines the starting date of the project.

Because OGSM builds on the input from, and support of the entire organisation, it is both a top-down and bottom-up process.

It is therefore important to secure the availability of your key-stakeholders and representatives of key-stakeholder groups.

Q: Can I start at any time during the year or should it run from the 1st day of my accounting year?

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From our side, your OGSM can be ready one month. This is after the initial meeting to discuss your situation, and after having selected the three workshop dates and participants.


This allows a period of 2 weeks between the workshops which is the what we need to refine the outcomes, adjust and prepare for the next workshop.

From experience, taking into account clients’ time restraints, we know that 2 months is more realistic.

Q: How long does it take to write the main OGSM?

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Q: How much time will I need to invest until we have the OGSM?

For you as the owner or senior leader, you should calculate 2 working days.

For the key stakeholders who participate it is a 1/2 day per workshop.

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A: OGSM acts like a framework and allows you to use the information you get from other methodologies.


For example SWOT, Business Model Canvas, Five Forces, or Balanced Score Card, feed into OGSM.


Also more recent methods like Agile Strategy and OKR can enter their outcomes into the OGSM model.

The brilliant thing is that OGSM also works on its own, without the need for these other models.

Q: There are so many strategy methodologies, what makes this one better, in addition to what we have already explained?

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A: OKR has a short term, quarterly focus, which is not linked to a more long-term element like the Objective. 


It is also lacking the How, leaving the Actions open to interpretation and obstructing internal collaboration.


OKR  is vulnerable to getting executed or in an inefficient way.

It does work very well for clearly outlined projects that rely strongly on creativity. For example software development.

OGSM adds the How and breaks down the inspirational objective into manageable and directing strategies, plus actions. It leaves no excuse to not implement.

Q: What about OKR? Isn’t that better and easier?

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Q: What is the typical process from beginning to end?

– Initial discussion about your situation and expectations.
– Selection of participating key stakeholders and stakeholder-representatives.
– (optional) Confidential interviews with a selection of stakeholders (can be others than participants)
– Setting the dates

Workshop 1
– Creation of Objective and Goals

Workshop 2
– Review of refined O and G
– Creation of Strategy and Measures (Dashboard)

Workshop 3
– Review of refined S and M
– Creation of Measures (Action plan)
– Refined OGSM


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In between workshops we refine the outcome, using elements we picked up during the workshop and from
our experience and expertise.

When your OGMS is ready after the third workshop, we offer a follow-up programme, to help you keep the momentum.
Your OGSM won’t land in the drawer. This includes:

– cascading sessions
– trainings for non-particip
ants on
understanding and working with OGSM
– monthly or quarterly progress check-ins




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Confidential 1-hour in-depth interviews with (participating) stakeholders. Incl set-up, analysis and summary. Relevant findings will be added to the OGSM or SWOT in consultation.





OGSM 101

Understanding and using OGSM for non-participants. 2 hours incl Q&A.

9 to 5 support

During and/or after the OGSM creation. Short clarifying calls or emails to avoid you or your team getting stuck.

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€500 per person





€750 + €150 per participant (max. 10)


€2000 per session



€1000 per session



€500 per week per 10 OGSM participants

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