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Typical situations

  • You have a strategy, but it is neither unique nor differentiating, still competing with the same competitors

  • The strategies are too abstract, failing to motivate or guide on a day-to-day level; it is not clear how to reach the objectives 

  • You are competing in a market where your competitors are performing better, so you need to carve out a market where you can be sure you are going to be the winner 

  • Objectives and priorities that are not aligned across the different functions, resulting in departments competing with each other, working in silos

We help you set clear objectives and translate them into easy to understand, effective and measurable strategies, so everyone in the organisation knows what to do and how to cooperate. 

We use the OGSM framework (used in many Fortune 500 companies), which fits a strategy on one A4. 

Result: transparency, shared goals and incentives, focus, motivation and internal efficiency.


  • A series of 3-4 workshops of 2-3 hours, resulting in a completed “master” OGSM

  • One or a series of workshops to cascade the strategy across the organisation at all levels

  • Training on how to implement strategies in an on-brand way 

  • Transcribing existing strategic documents into OGSM-format

Overview of our offer

Where to go

The DNA or your organisation

Leadership, Engagement, Internal Communication

Making it work

Clear mind, better decisions

For organisations and individuals, in groups and 1-to-1, bespoke and off-the-shelf

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