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Typical situations

  • You have a strategy, and now the brand has to be adjusted because there is a discrepancy between where you go (strategy) and how you do that (brand)

  • The image on the inside and the outside needs to be in line with the strategy

  • The profile of the organisation does not differentiate much from competitors or is not very clear in general, resulting in lost opportunities

  • The brand is losing relevance in the market because it is not adjusting to changing times and preferences

  • The visual identity needs to be changed to reflect the strategy and create a sharper profile, but it is unclear what direction this change should take. The judgement criteria for the development of a new identity are missing. 

We work with executives and their strategy, marketing, communications, R&D, digital, HR and other teams to define and sharpen brands. Together, we find the DNA of the organisation and make this explicit. 

Result: better alignment and sense of connectedness across the organisation and at all levels, leading to improved day-to-day decision-making and motivation.

Example of deliverables:

  • Analysis of organisation, market, competitors and (potential) target groups

  • Definition of brand strategy, purpose and positioning – internally and externally

  • Brand portfolio and architecture

  • The employee journey: employer brand, employee engagement, internal branding

Overview of our offer

Where to go

The DNA or your organisation

Making it work

Clear mind, better decisions

For organisations and individuals, in groups and 1-to-1, bespoke and off-the-shelf

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