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The ancient Greek goddess is associated with strong and universally understandable concepts such as wisdom, crafts, and strategic forecasting that support the vision of The Athena Group: to create a global, cross-cultural movement of people and organisations, encouraging them to find and realise their full potential beyond financial goals to make the best possible contribution to society.

Wisdom and strategy

Athena – goddess of wisdom, strategic competition and the arts. Her knowledge surpasses the knowledge of the other Olympic gods, not in the least thanks to her divine powers, which enable her to predict the future.

Freedom and democracy

As the one goddess who guards democracy, Athena is the competitor of the other Olympic gods, who aspire to absolute and authoritative world supremacy.
For example, Athena was the one who helped Prometheus when he stole fire from mount Olympus to bring it to the people. She is the patroness of heroes who work for the collective interests of society. A courageous personality, she fearlessly looks contenders and competitors in the face.


Athena is the patroness of those whose work promotes the evolution of human civilisation, like doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, handicraftsmen, philosophers and artists.

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