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FIXED time line
FIXED low fee
FIXED outcome format


our difference:
actionable, ACHIEVABLE, affordable

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Small and medium-sized enterprises deserve access to premium strategy consulting, just like larger companies.

But there are several reasons why they don’t have this access.

Athena Associates overcomes  these barriers with you.

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COMPLEXITY: We reduce complexity with a streamlined, standardised and proven approach

NO LINK TO REALITY: Instead of  wordy and abstract powerpoint presentations, we deliver a complete, actionable
business plan on 1 A4-page

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UNCLEAR FEES: We charge per project, not per hour:  a fixed approach, with a fixed format for the outcome, and a fixed low fee. No surprises. 

UNCLEAR TIME FRAME: our fixed approach of three 1/2-day workshops ensures a
timeframe of 1 month
from beginning to end.


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your involvement

An externally developed strategy disappears into the drawer.
Too abstract, no ownership. 

The OGSM system emphasizes the importance of involving implementation stakeholders early, beginning with
the strategy and action planning stages.

This creates ownership and ensures the strategy is
realistic, achievable, and motivating.

That is why we work wíth you and your team. Not fór you.

Get your entire business aligned, motivated, and ready to implement
a strategy that works.

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the best way to predict
your future,
is by creating it

–Abraham Lincoln

By failing to prepare,
you are preparing to fail

–Benjamin Franklin

OGSM – a Business Plan on an A4-page
bjective Goals Strategies Measures

the secret of
actionable strategy

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align ambitious visions with daily actions

An organisation's company-wide vision is often ambitious, as it should be. However, lofty strategic plans don't speak the same language as daily tasks and objectives. You may have a clear vision of your goals, but without effective execution at the ground level, true success will remain out of reach.


The OGSM framework helps you bridge this gap. As a strategic tool, it maps out company strategies and links business goals to tangible daily activities—actions that yield real results.

Bridge the gap between strategic goals

and daily execution,  

turning grand plans into concrete results.


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OGSM creates strategic concepts, then breaks them down into clear, manageable and
actionable components.

This is essential not only for start-ups but for organisations at any stage, ensuring focused execution and sustained growth.


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The absolute clarity ensures transparent communication and effective collaboration within teams and across departments and levels.

The primary OGSM serves as the foundation for departmental and level-specific OGSMs. By working from this unified OGSM, everyone is aligned, moving in the same direction, and fully synchronized.



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OGSM originates from this concept, which was refined during the post-war economic boom of the USA and Japan, and later adopted by Fortune 500 companies.

Although initially aimed to align large corporations, it now suits SMEs as well.


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OGSM on project level

While OGSM was initially designed for use at the organisational level, its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for projects of any size.

Teams stay focused, aligned, have more autonomy and are able to execute effectively, allowing projects to get off the ground and achieve their goals.


Whether you're launching a new product, implementing a marketing campaign, or managing a complex initiative, OGSM helps you stay organised and on track.


Get every project structured, focused, and ready to achieve its goals with OGSM.


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The qualitative goal, where you want to be at the end of a specific period (usually 1-3 years)


Seemingly impossible to achieve, made possible by OGSM

It gives direction, ambition and motivation

Easy to understand and remember, touching mind & heart.

Everything else follows from this; agreement within the team is required.


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Quantification of the elements of the Objective.


Monitoring progress towards the Objective:

Right direction? On schedule?

Ensures all stakeholders have the same understanding of the specific words in the Objective.


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The bigger steps to achieve the Objective.

Team – Finance –  Time
What you will do, but also what you choose NOT to do.

Focusing on a few tasks and executing them well is more effective than juggling many tasks simultaneously.



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In English this means both a measurement and an action.

The original OGSM model did not distinguish between these two meanings, which can be confusing.


We divided Measures into:

  • a Dashboard part

  • an Action Plan part


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Quantification of the elements per Strategy.

Monitoring progress towards the strategy:

Right direction? On schedule?


Ensures all stakeholders have the same understanding of the specific words in the Strategy.


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The smaller, more concrete steps to realise each Strategy.

Thoughtful decisions on how each team invests their time and uses their budget.

What the team will do, and what they will STOP doing.

Includes who is the responsible that the action is taken and by when it has to be completed



OGSM communicates strategic priorities across the organisation

by linking future-focused strategic goals

with the daily activities of the company.


Many organisations use their OGSM as the basis for their

monthly meetings and quarterly reviews. 

The model focuses on measuring and aligning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with strategic objectives.

This greatly increases the chances of achieving those objectives.

Accountability naturally comes with using the OGSM model.


When you are not progressing as you should, the actions can be

re-assessed during the monthly progress review.


Benefit 1-min.png

At the end of 2025, Redbury Chocolate is a sustainable brand



positioning itself as the affordable chocolate brand of choice for connoisseurs with a conscience.


Benefit 2-min.png


  1. average sales in €/month

  2. average amount of chocolate sold/month

  3. cash positive

  4. all stakeholders make a good living from it

The chocolate brand of choice

  1. 90% of retailers selling Redbury indicate it benefots their business

  2. 95% of consumers are proud to support and feel good about their choice at the same time

Connoisseurs with  a conscience

  1. 95% of consumers associate Redbury with one or more people/brands/communities that stand for top quality yet take care of the entire supply chain in an ethical way.


Benefit 3-min.png
  1. Connoisseur communities pick up on the brand, encouraged by the opportunity to become co-owner of the brand.

  2. The story gets shared by making this easy and rewarding on all channels.

  3. Efficient organisation by outsourcing production and distribution to a major, artisan chocolate producer. 

  4. Authenticity is guaranteed by involving stakeholders from the various steps of the supply chain and giving them a platform.


This example is for illustrative purposes and does not include all goals, strategies and measures needed for a complete OGSM.

EXAMPLE – continued

Benefit 1-min.png

Connoisseur communities pick up on the brand 

  1. > 20 communities

  2. >€450.000 purchased in shares

Efficient organisation

  1. Operating costs < xx% of sales

  2. Redbury has a unique position in the portfolio of the chocolate producer

  3. distribution network fits the redbury brand


Benefit 3-min.png

Connoisseur communities pick up on the brand 

  1. Redbury is introduced to and accepted by communities by making a wish-list and approaching them

  2. Co-ownership is attractive to all parties by providing this OGSM + financial plan


Efficient organisation

  1. Shortlist of potential partners by selecting major artisanal chocolate producers with a supply chain conscience

  2. Operational partner chosen by conversations in which conscience, connoisseurship and personal click are the decision-making criteria



The structure of an OGSM

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 13.47.27.png
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 13.47.45.png
Benefit 2-min.png

The OGSM system emphasises to involve those who will be responsible for implementation already at the time of defining the strategy and actions. 

This creates ownership and ensures the strategy is realistic, achievable, and motivating.

A good strategy consultant lets you do the work; 

Athena Associates work with you, not for you.


Despite its simplicity, OGSM is definitely

not a do-it-yourself project.



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