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FIXED time line
FIXED low fee
FIXED outcome format


our difference:
accessible, affordable

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Small and medium-sized enterprises deserve access to premium strategy consulting, just like larger companies.

But there are several reasons why they don’t have this access.

Athena Associates overcomes  these barriers with you.

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COMPLEXITY: We reduce complexity with a streamlined, standardised and proven approach

NO LINK TO REALITY: Instead of  wordy and abstract powerpoint presentations, we deliver a complete, actionable business plan on 1 A4-page

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UNCLEAR FEES: We charge per project, not per hour:  a fixed approach, with a fixed format for the outcome, and a fixed low fee. No surprises. 

UNCLEAR TIME FRAME: our fixed approach of three 1/2-day workshops ensures a timeframe of 1 month from beginning to end.


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An externally developed strategy disappears into the drawer. Too abstract, no ownership. 

The OGSM system emphasizes the early involvement of those who will be responsible for implementation, starting at the stage of defining the strategy and actions.

This creates ownership and ensures the strategy is realistic, achievable, and motivating.

That is why we work wíth you and your team. Not for you.

Get your entire business aligned, motivated, and ready to implement a strategy that works.

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the best way to predict your future,
is to create it

–Abraham Lincoln

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail
–Benjamin Franklin

OGSM – a Business Plan on an A4-page
bjective Goals Strategies Measures

the secret of
actionable strategy

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OGSM creates strategic concepts, then breaks them down into clear, manageable and actionable components


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Absolute clarity makes communication effective within teams and across  departments and levels.


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Started by Peter Drucker, improved in Japan, adopted by Fortune 500 companies. Initially focussing on aligning large companies, it is now equally applicable to SMEs. 



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Where does the organisation want to be after x years (usually 1-3 years)


Direction – Ambition – Motivation

Easy to understand and remember, mind & heart.

Everything else follows from this; agreement within the team is required.


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Quantification of the elements of the Objective.


Monitoring progress towards the Objective:

Right direction? On schedule?

Ensures all stakeholders have the same understanding of the specific words in the Objective.


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The bigger steps to achieve the Objective.

Team – Time –  Finance


What you will do, but also what you choose NOT to do

Doing a few things well is more effective than doing many things at the same time.



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In English this means both a measurement and an action.

The original OGSM model did not distinguish between these two meanings, which can be confusing.


We divided Measures into:

  • a Dashboard part

  • an Action Plan part


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Quantification of the elements per Strategy.

Monitoring progress towards the strategy:

Right direction? On schedule?


Ensures all stakeholders have the same understanding of the specific words in the Strategy.


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The smaller, more concrete steps to realise each Strategy.

Thoughtful decisions on how each team invests their time and uses their budget.

What the team will do, and what they will STOP doing.

Includes who is the responsible that the action is taken and by when it has to be completed



Many organisations use their OGSM as the basis for their monthly meetings and quarterly reviews. 


When you are not progressing as you should, the actions need to be re-assessed, during the quarterly progress review.

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To do or not to Do?

Where strategy implementation often goes wrong


Strategy is seen as something on top of the “normal” work. An extra. 


However, strategy is about making change. If you continue doing what you did, nothing will change.


We pay extra attention to helping you decide what to STOP doing. This discussion is an essential part of writing the OGSM

The structure of an OGSM

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 10.37.31.png


The OGSM system emphasises to involve those who will be responsible for implementation already at the time of defining the strategy and actions. 

This creates ownership and ensures the strategy is realistic, achievable, and motivating.

A good strategy consultant lets you do the work; 

Athena Associates work with you, not for you.


And please note: Despite its simplicity, OGSM is definitely

not a do-it-yourself project.

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